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Helix Mixers / Ribbon Mixers

The Helical Ribbon batch mixer (helix mixers) is often used for low Reynolds number industrial mixing. It consists of one or more helical ribbons that wind around a central rotating shaft, usually supported by cross-beams. The ribbon provides the overall fluid circulation rising upward through the central region of mixer and then down in the outside annular region.It also generates circulation cells near the inside edge of the ribbon. Double helix mixers are generally recognized as the best all around high viscosity, laminar flow impeller.

It is the most efficient blender of all existing close clearance agitators. The double helical ribbon impeller is also good for heat transfer and blending of liquids and solids from the surface. Generally used for applications where viscosities are ordinarily greater than 30,000 CPs.

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Key Design Features:

  • Single or double helix design to meet the process applications.
  • Robust & Reliable design.
  • Double helix impellers with high heat transfer capability.
  • MOC options like MS, SS304, SS316 procured from genuine and reliable suppliers.

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