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Side Entry Mixers

Side entry mixers find its applications in low viscosity mixing. These mixers provide fluid displacement which is the fundamental to process result of its application like off bottom suspension to avoid sludge deposition. Generally they are used in tanks with bigger diameters or higher volumes, wherein the top entry mixer may not be suitable for installation. Installations of side entry mixers is simpler compared to the conventional top entry agitators avoiding additional accessories like tank internal baffles thereby reducing the cost incurred in vessels.

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Capital cost of side entry mixers is low. The typically applications for side entry mixers are crude oil storage tanks (BS&W control), edible oil tanks, distilleries tanks, Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) etc. The impellers used in these mixers are hydrofoils or propellers type. Our mixers have design options of fixed angled or Swivel angle type upto 60˚.

The swivel angled design provides the flexibility of changing the flow directions inside the tanks to achieve mixing in all areas of the tank. Based on the tank volume, there could be multiple mixers installed. These mixers are generally designed with inline helical gearbox or belt driven. The sealing arrangement provided is single mechanical seals with shut off device which will ensure seal maintenance without necessity of emptying the tank.

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