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Top Entry Mixers

Top entry mixers is the most widely used arrangement in mixing systems due to its best mixing ability and compatibility to suit variety of vessels arrangement. The fluids mixing patterns achieved by top entry mixers provide a efficient tank turnover. These types of agitators can be mounted in different positions on the vessels like central mounting, off-centre mounting, angled mounting etc. Top entry mixers have the advantage to provide multiple impellers on the same shaft, to provide good mixing zone throughout the volume of the tank.

Based on the shaft lengths applicable, these top entry mixers can be designed to suit with or without support at the bottom of the tank.Variety of sealing systems can be compatible to top entry mixers like single mechanical seals, double mechanical seals, stuffing box, vapour seals, lip seals or without any sealing arrangement.

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Flexibility to install it with different type of speed reduction arrangements like inline helical gearbox, parallel helical gearbox, bevel helical gearbox, planetary gearbox, worm gearbox, belt-pulley, VFD driven or direct driven through the motors.The main drive motors can be adapted to suit the industry requirement of safe zone or hazardous zone.

Technical Superiority:

  • Applications strength and experience in selection capability in process design.
  • Motor ratings of 0.37 kW to 500 kW and beyond.
  • Shaft manufactured upto 30 meters length and 500 mm diameter.
  • Sturdy mechanical designs offering very low shaft run out.
  • Wide range of MOC like SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, 904L, Hastalloys, Titanium, Special alloys, MS etc to suit customer requirement.
  • Accurately configured high efficiency impellers provide a distinct flow pattern to achieve desired process results.
  • Single or multiple impellers designs, customized designs, lifting arrangement etc.

Key Design Features:

  • Energy efficient designs to offer the most optimum mixing with reduced process time
  • Lanterns with single or double heavy duty taper roller thrust bearings
  • Designs available to suit low overhead space requirements
  • Mechanical arrangement to ease maintenance activity
  • Genuine material specifications with material test certificates

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